A new phase in your life...

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau

After a long career, finally you decide to call it a day. But that’s not before you evaluate how ready you are for the post retirement phase. Your financial position plays a major role in helping you make the decision and also help you evaluate how you are going to fare in your post retirement phase.

Regrets with respect to your finances at this stage aren’t a solution at all. Nothing replaces the comfort of good planning from the initial stages of your career to fulfil your many desires. However, proper planning even at this stage can be of help to a major extent.

Near term goals like:

  • Having adequate emergency fund.
  • Covered properly in case of Medical Emergencies.
  • Getting your children married.
  • Visiting all those location you could not during your hectic work time.
  • Pursuing your hobbies you never had the time for.

Long term targets like:

  • Setting aside an inheritance for your next generation.
  • Constantly monitoring that you have sufficient funds to last for the future.
  • Planning the manner in which your wealth and Estate will be passed onto your next generation.

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